Sunday, April 1, 2012

If Marco Rubio Were the Vice-Presidential Nominee,
Here's What Would Happen.

By Paul Iorio

1. On nominating night, pundits start saying, "He's fresh,

2. Within a week or two, Rubio is asked about the two-state
solution; he thinks the reporter is referring to a
Florida-Georgia border dispute.

3. After a couple of other gaffes, Rubio is scripted to
within an inch of his life. Interviews are restricted.
His poll numbers drop.

4. There are headlines: "Should Romney Drop Rubio?"

5. Pundits say: "People don't vote the bottom of the ticket."

4. Then a contrarian line takes hold: "Rubio is much more
substantive and on top of things than he's given credit for!"

6. Rubio surges. People even say, "They should flip the ticket."

7. Then Rubio makes another error. A reporter asks him whether
he's ever been to Tbilisi, Georgia. Rubio replies, "Is that near

8. His numbers drop again. Pundits say, he's a drag on the ticket.
And there are real questions about his readiness to assume the

9. In his first debate with Joe Biden, Rubio doesn't blow it.
Better-than-expected, everyone says.

10. His numbers surge. Coming into his second debate with too much
confidence, Rubio goes off-script a bit and says, "Health care is
a luxury -- and the government shouldn't fund luxuries!"

11. Pundits call it the worst performance in a vice-presidential
debate since Quayle. People start calling him Marco Quayle.

12. Romney stops making appearances with Rubio and starts
trotting out Condi Rice at rallies, introducing her as "the
next Secretary of State!"

13. Election day: Romney loses to President Obama in a Doleish,
McCainish way. Exit polling shows one of the main factors was
considerable concern over Rubio's readiness.

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